DDP-1 Firmware Update Instructions

We designed the DDP-1 so that its firmware can be updated to add new capabilities and enhance operation. To see if your DDP-1's firmware is up to date, turn the unit off and back on again. The startup screen (as seen at right) will display the current firmware version. The latest version is 1.04 v1353.

To update your DDP-1's firmware, you will need an Apple Mac or Windows PC computer plus a USB cable. It must have a Type A USB connector on one end and a Type B micro USB connector on the other. (Click here to see an example.) It's the same type of cable used to charge Android phones and most Bluetooth speakers and headphones. The computer must have at least a USB 2.0 interface.

STEP 1: Download the new firmware version from Audio Alchemy's DDP-1 Dropbox folder onto your computer. Click this link to access the folder. Click on either the Mac or PC folder, depending on which type of computer you're using. Click on the blue Download button in the upper right corner of your web browser.  Select the "Download as .zip" option.

STEP 2: You will need to extract the files in the .zip file you downloaded. Find the .zip file (usually this will go into your computer's Downloads folder, but it depends on where your browser is set to store downloads). Click on the .zip file. You should see your computer's ZIP software open a new window. Click on the Extract button in your computer's ZIP software. This will create a new folder with the update software. The folder contains all of the files you need for the update, as well as a set of specific instructions for performing the update.

Instructions for Updating With a Windows PC

1: Open a DOS window. In Windows 7, 8 or 10, go to the search window (usually in the lower left corner of the screen), type in "Command" and click on Command Prompt. Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded DDP-1 update files. If you need help navigating in DOS, click here for instructions.

2. Attach the USB-to-micro USB cable between your PC and the DDP-1 program port. Make sure you use the USB port on the DDP-1 labeled "PROG."

3. Power on the DDP-1 and you should here the familiar USB "bong" sound from your computer, indicating a connection. If not, make sure your computer's audio system is activated and its volume is turned up, then check the cable. If the computer doesn't seem to be connecting, try unplugging and replugging the cable on both ends, or try a different USB port on the computer.

4. From the DOS window type the full BAT filename (for example, "DDP-1_C_DSPupdate.bat") and hit Enter on the computer.

5. The program will now automatically install the updates on the DDP-1. You will see some colored squares appear on the DDP-1's LCD screen to indicate the progress of the update.

6. When the update is completed, turn off the DDP-1's power, disconnect the USB cable, and turn the DDP-1's power back on.

Instructions for Updating With a Mac

1. Open a Terminal window. Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

2. Make sure permissions are set on aacontrol: mac$ chmod 755 ~/Downloads/aacontrol-1353.mac

3. Connect DDP-1 to your Mac with the USB-to-micro USB cable. Make sure you use the USB port on the DDP-1 labeled "PROG."

4. Run the updater: mac$ ~/Downloads/aacontrol-1353.mac update ~/Downloads/aa_dac-1353.mcu

5. The DDP-1 will update and reset itself with the new firmware installed.