Drivers & Downloads

For information on how to update the firmware in the DDP-1, please visit our DDP-1 firmware update page.

Audio Alchemy USB Driver 1.1

April, 2015

Driver Details

To use the USB input with a Windows PC, you will need to install a USB driver. This is required for each Windows PC you use with the DDP-1 (if you are using an Apple Mac, no driver is required).

Step 1 - Start by clicking on the "Download Driver" button above. The driver will be in the form of a ZIP file. Unzip the file and open the folder, which is called Release Driver. Connect a cable from one of the computer’s USB ports to the DDP-1’s USB digital audio input (make sure you don’t connect the computer to the DDP-1’s USB programming input. Refer to the Connections and Controls: Rear Panel section of the manual if you have any question about which is which). Now open the Release Driver folder and click on the first file labeled Setup.

Step 2 -  The “Welcome to the Digital Decoding Devices Setup Wizard” dialog box should appear onscreen. Click Next to begin installation.

Step 3If you see a message box telling you the driver is unsigned, click “Run Anyway.” The DDP-1’s USB driver has been approved by Microsoft, but if your computer does not have an active web connection, it won’t be able to confirm the driver signature. Likewise, if you get a “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?” dialog box, click Yes. 

Step 4 - The “Choose Install Location” dialog box will now appear.  If you want to change the location on your computer where the driver is stored, feel free, but the simplest installation we recommend sticking with the default location. Now click Install.

Step 5 - Once the installation of the driver is complete, you will see the “Installation Complete” dialog box shown at right. Click Next.

Step 6 - You will now see a “Completing the Digital Decoding Devices Setup Wizard” dialog box. Click Finish and the driver installation will be completed.

Step 7 - You will now need to select the DDP-1 as your computer’s audio playback device. First, open your computer’s Control Panel, click on “Hardware and Sound,” then click on “Manage Audio Devices” (under “Sound”). You’ll see a panel showing all the audio playback devices you have connected.

Step 8 - Place the cursor over “Speakers/AudioAlchemy_Audio 2.0” until it is highlighted onscreen, then right-click. Choose “Enable” to activate the USB connection to the DDP-1. Choosing “Set as Default Communications Device” will automatically default your computer’s audio output to the DDP-1 whenever it is connected.